Manera Seafarer Hybrid 3/2 Front Zip


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It is very frustrating to be cold in summer. That's why we designed a HYBRID shorty that keeps you warm: It's made with the same technologies as a 3.2mm full body, we just cut the legs.

En bref

  • Front Zip
  • Fleece X10D
  • GBS Seams


  • Gamme


  • Epaisseur

    3/2 mm

  • Température de l’eau conseillé

    20-25 °C

  • Marque



While the industry standard is to develop a 2D pattern and try to fit it to a 3D body, F-One decided to innovate and change the method. They use design software to model well-fitting suits in 3D, then use innovative software to convert them into an accurate 2D pattern for the factory.
Manera suits stand out because of this natural fit, fitted like a second skin.

  • Warmth: No water ingress, no air pockets.
  • Durability: Neoprene is only stretched during movement.
  • Comfort : No too tight parts, no discomfort in the armpits, crotch.
  • Style : Pleats will never be in fashion.

Front Zip
Fast and easy front zip entry for maximum comfort while sailing.

X10D fleece Plus
The X10D fleece offers good thermal insulation all around the chest. It is also 22% lighter than a traditional jersey.

GBS Seams
The different neoprene panels are glued together and then « blind-stitched » (the needle does not go all the way through the neoprene). In addition to being totally waterproof, this type of stitching offers a very good level of flexibility.