F-One Bandit S3 + Bar Pack

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For this third edition of the Bandit S, the F-One team has created a perfect concentrate of surfing and strapless freestyle. Very reactive and intuitive, its precise handling will follow you in all conditions! This pack comes with the kite plus the new F-One Linx bar.

In brief

  • Ultra progressive traction
  • Lightness and stability guaranteed
  • Precise and direct piloting even when shocked
  • Pack with kite and bar
  • Bar: intuitive and super precise trim

F-One Bandit S3

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F-One Linx

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F-One Bandit S3:

The ideal partner for all surfers, the F-One Bandit S3 will follow your every move. Controlling the power instinctively, the kite allows you to ride smoothly with the kite in the right position. The Bandit S3 never overpowers. It offers a more subtle ride and a constant connection to your board. Its forgiving nature does not disturb your trajectory.
The feeling at the helm is perfectly balanced, which is very comfortable for your arms. You fly with precision, every centimeter of the border-choquer. The kite remains maneuverable at all times, even when completely shocked, which allows you to surf without forgetting the kite and to relaunch when you need to without getting thrown out.

F-One Linx:

The F-One Linx bar itself has a small diameter with a very comfortable grip. The grip has a fine texture all around with a firm feel at the bottom and a little softer at the top.
The integrated floats house a system to adjust the length of the bar. Simply pull the tab under the bar, turn the insert and the size is changed. It is also possible to adjust the length of the back lines.