F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil 2021

F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil 2021


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More than an icon or a bestseller, the Surf F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil 2021 is first and foremost Mitu MONTEIRO's board, and that can only mean one thing: the board, like the man behind it, remains at the top of its game year after year.

In brief

  • 2 in 1 board for surfing and foiling
  • Excellent in waves and freestyle
  • Intuitive and playful in all conditions

Delivered with

Futures Boxes x3 Futures Fins F4 437 (Thruster set)Foot Strap Deck InsertsTwin TracksTail Pad


  • Size


  • Length

    172 cm

  • Width

    47 cm

  • Volume

    23.5 L

  • Brand


  • Collection


  • Specificity



With the addition of Twin Tracks, the Surf F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil 2021 is a fantastic 2-in-1 board. Take advantage of all the Mitu experience to experience an amazing wave session then ride any foil with the top plate and cruise comfortably in the bay. In addition to the standard inline inserts, the Mitu Pro Bamboo Foil also features deck inserts in the perfect location for a double V-strap setup up front to make the most of the foil.

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